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Dot-Matrix Character Recognition in Action

This video showcases the features and benefits of Matrox’s SureDotOCR™ technology, the world’s first easy to use, robust and flexible dot-matrix character recognition tool and is the third tool in Matrox’s software portfolio, providing the industry’s most comprehensive range of OCR/V packages.


The SureDotOCR™ tool is uniquely designed for the specific challenge of reading dot-matrix text produced by continuous inkjet printers. It is easy to set-up, just needing to specify the dot size and the dimension, but not the location, of the text region. The tool reads text located at any angle, with varying contrast and on an uneven background. It interprets distorted and touching characters as well as characters of varying scale. All this requires no pre-processing steps, which are traditionally used to solve the issue of dot-matrix character recognition and verification.


The tool also supports the creation and editing of character fonts while including predefined fonts. The tool automatically handles multiple lines of text, where each line can utilise a different font.



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