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Precision Time Protocol compatibility on new FLIR cameras

FLIR (formerly Point Grey) have announced the compatibility of the Precision Time Protocol with all their new Blackfly S GigE cameras and their upcoming 10 GigE Oryx camera.

The cameras provide a starting point for implementing IEEE-1588 PTP within your inspection system to stabilise your throughput, reduce your bandwidth and processing overhead, and get you ready for the technology of tomorrow.

IEEE-1588 PTP frees network bandwidth and CPU cycles, compared to workarounds that require frequent sensor polling. It enables simplified system designs that feature fast deployment and easy maintenance. IEEE-1588 PTP also functions without user oversight on extremely large, complex network topologies.
If you are using GigE Vision cameras, enabling PTP does not require changing your existing applications as the GigE Vision standard supports IEEE-1588 PTP timestamps.